Our Dovecotes are beautifully made and they are maintenance free!  No annual painting and disturbing the birds.  All that's needed is an external wipe over with a damp cloth and you're done.  They have roof tiles made from our alupanel sheets with powder coated walls and perches.  The perches are covered in a very attractive artificial grass.




We have two designs.

  • Free standing design which comes on the sturdiest of poles on a wide stand to ensure excellent stability.  It also has a feeding or perching table half way up the pole.
  • the wall design which can be hung on any suitable wall.  Also made from the same materials and maintenance free

(clic-a-pic for an enlarged view)

Stand Alone Dovecote - Price £650.00 + vat

Also available is a Wall Model Dovecote Price £380 + vat

Detailed drawings of both models available

Download Stand Alone Model HERE   -   Download Wall Model HERE


For further information including delivery details get in touch today

01953 450 272

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